Kingdom Hearts III is a third and final game of the main Kingdom Hearts series. it is set to release in july 20. 2011.



  • Sora (Haley Joel Osment): Main Protagonist of series. After Year of peace on Destiny Island, Sora, Riku and Kairi receive a letter from Kingd Mickey, who tells tha tree keyblade warriors, Terra, Aqua and Ventus, who's Sora must save them from their suffering.
  • Riku (David Gallagher): Sora's best friend.
  • Kairi (Hayden Panettiere): Sora's true love. She is capsured by Master Xehanort later after Sora left Destiny Island.
  • Hikari (Keira Knightley): Younger sister of Zask.
  • Roxas (Jesse McCartney):
  • Lean (Quinton Flynn):
  • Xion (Alyson Stoner): Clone of Sora and who's form is similiar as Kairi's.
  • Master Eraqus (Tom Kane): Keyblade master of Terra, Aqua and Ventus. After Master Xehanort killed him, his heart went inside of Terra's heart, and Sora must safe him, alongside Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Roxas, Namine, Lean and Xion.


  • Master Xehanort (Mark Hamill): Main antagonist of game and the original incarnation of younger Xehanort. Master Xehanort returnd as immortal same old man as he was in evens of Birth By Sleep and now tries to take over Kingdom Hearts.
  • Maleficent (Susen Blakeslee): It is revealded that She and Pete survived from battle of Heartless from Castle That Never Was and was found by Master Xehanort to join his new Disney Villains Counsill.
  • Jafar (Jonathan Freeman):
  • Lord Joni (Scottie Ray): Immortal Dark Lord and one of members of first Counsil of Disney Villains. Joni is resurected by Master Xehanort to join his new counsil. He also is still seeking to have revenge against his arc-enemy, Sami.
  • Pete (Jim Cummings):
  • Vanitas (Haley Joel Osment): Apprentice of Master Xehanort.
  • Icy, Darcy and Stormy (Lisa Ortiz, Caren Manuel and Suzy Myers): They are originally villains from Alfea, but later defeated by Winx and Sora, Donald and Goofy and sent to the Fortress of Light. They were released by Lord Joni to join to Master Xehanort's new counsil.


  • Leon (Doug Erholtz):
  • Cid (Chris Edgerly):
  • Xask (Christian Bale):



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